The Evergreen story began in 2014 as an experiment in healthy eating between two friends.

Wanting to improve their diet, and noticing that there was a lack of healthy options in Karachi at the time, Kamil and Aamer (the original co-founders) decided to start making and providing packaged salads and sandwiches to supermarkets and gyms in their area. This is how Evergreen started, and the two had unknowingly created Pakistan’s first ready-to-eat health food company!

Pretty soon, health-conscious and mindful eaters in Karachi started to become loyal fans of Evergreen’s conveniently packaged meals.

As time passed, life happened. Aamer decided to move to England with his young family to pursue other business ideas and Kamil was left with a decision to make; keep Evergreen operating as it was, or take it to another level.

It was at this point that Sikandar, an old friend and successful restaurateur in his own right, came into the picture.

Sikandar and Kamil decided to join forces and open the first Evergreen cafe in 2017. From that point, the brand has gone from strength to strength. We plan to organically  expand our operations nationwide and move into other sectors such as farming, recycling and FMCGs.

So, that’s our story so far, now onwards to the next chapters!